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About Us

Tongs n’ Things started out as a home business that has now grown to become a popular online store for kitchen gadgets and accessories.

We want everyone to rediscover the joy of cooking again, which is why we showcase kitchen tools and gadgets that put the “fun” in functional.

We want you to have a blast when you’re baking, smile while you saute and enjoy yourself in the kitchen every time you use one of these cute and colorful kitchen gadgets.

Tongs n’ Things has everything you need to get started in the kitchen

Here at Tongs n’ Things, we pride ourselves in offering only the best, high-quality and durable cooking tools and utensils. We sell a variety of kitchen essentials from the top brands and love highlighting tools and gadgets with innovative and high-tech features. We cater to the home chef who is looking for great kitchen tools that are also affordable. These kitchen gadgets and utensils help make cooking feel fresh and exciting again. Add color to your countertops and brighten up your kitchen decor with our large selection of cooking tools in bright, cheery colors and designs.

We know just how important it is to use the right cooking tools

As a small, independently-run business, the team at Tongs n’ Things has personally learned what a difference using the right cooking tools can make in the kitchen. Many burnt dishes and smoke alarm batteries later, cooking has become a passion for us. One thing we discovered quickly was that using good kitchen tools makes a BIG impact on the quality and taste of your meals. Also, having the right gadgets in your arsenal can save you hours in prep time and make your life in the kitchen so much easier. Trust us - a high-quality gadget can turn peeling potatoes from a laborious task into an activity filled with glee.

Shop with us for high-quality and cool-looking kitchen gadgets and more!

For more than a decade, the owners of Tongs n’ Things dreamed of sharing our ideas with the world. This little passion project slowly turned into a successful and growing business, and we delight in introducing others to quality cooking tools that ignite a love for cooking! All of the products on Tongs n’ Things are fun, unique upgrades that will make cooking even better. We also sell high-grade essential cooking tools and kitchen gadgets that every new or burgeoning chef should have. When you shop with Tongs n’ Things, know that you’re getting awesome kitchen gadgets at the best prices!