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Tools You Definitely Need for Grilling This Summer

Tools You Definitely Need for Grilling This Summer

Grilling Gadgets In Time For Summer

Your backyard BBQ oasis isn't complete without helpful gadgets that allow you to cook like an outdoor culinary master. What do you need to grill like the pros? Not that much, to be honest. You can always update your arsenal of unique grilling tools as you go, but, to begin with, the basics will see you through. As you build up your BBQ toolbox, start with the following items. As long as you have them, you can grill anything, from steak and chicken to fish and vegetables.

The Best Possible Grilling Glove

cutting glove for the kitchen

Grilling deserves more than an oven mitt. You need to wear something that protects your hands and wrists from burns, of course. However, as you prepare food to throw on the grill, you spend time chopping, cutting, and slicing, right? The best glove is resistant to knives, as well. Opt for the Cuisipro Cut Resistant Glove, which is much more form-fitting than a traditional oven glove. Switch out and slip your hand into this bad boy while displaying your fancy knife work. Your fingers will thank you.

The Perfect Oven Mitt

lobster claw oven mitt

Now, you do need an oven mitt, as well, so it's best to have one that you reserve only for the grill. That way, you aren't continually carrying it between the BBQ and the kitchen. Boston Warehouse, a brand renowned for novelty barbecue tools and accessories that still fulfill their function, has a hilarious lobster claw oven mitt that brightens up any outdoor space. Given that oven mitts are among the most essential grilling gadgets, you might as well have fun with yours.

Something to Build a Better Burger

burger stuffer

What do you need to grill burgers that are out of this world? You need the Norpro Stuffed Burger Maker. With this easy-to-use gadget, you can stuff your hamburgers with a variety of delicious accouterments, such as your favorite cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and plenty more. Not only that, but your gourmet burgers will have a picture-perfect shape every time.

A Next-Level Fork

grilling fork with a light

You can't grill without a meat fork. Go one step further and splurge on the Maverick Instant-Read BBQ Fork with Light. In addition to effortlessly piercing and turning your meat with the sharp tines of the fork, you can get an immediate temperature readout. Don't you love unique grilling tools that can multitask?

Brighter Accessories

grillight tongs and spatula

Grillight offers a two-piece grilling set that contains a spatula and tongs. Those are items that pitmasters require, no doubt. These tools light up, though. Now, you can grill in the dark and illuminate your meat. Who doesn't want a grilling tool that can do double-duty as a flashlight?

Explore Tongs n' Things for all the grilling gadgets you need. What tools make you a better BBQ guru?

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