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The Essential Baking Tools You’ll Need for the Perfect Valentine's Treats

The Essential Baking Tools You’ll Need for the Perfect Valentine's Treats

Want to spoil your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Break out the cookbook, flip to the dessert section, and check that you have the essential baking tools necessary to bake your way to your beloved's heart. Don't fret, though. If you're missing any must-have cookie decorating tools, we've got them!

Cool It Down

Nordic Ware cooling rack

Lots of decorating tips for cookies and pastries require essential baking tools, but not this one. Giving your treats time to cool is crucial. Hotcakes or cookies plus frosting equal a recipe for disaster. Even warm pastries pose a problem. As you plan your baking and cooking processes, set aside time for the treats to cool completely so the frosting doesn’t melt into a puddle. You'll thank yourself as soon as your beloved sees the goodies you made.

Let's talk about dough, too. Some types of cookie dough don't need to be refrigerated, such as the dough for snickerdoodles. Drop cookies can remain at room temperature. For the most part, however, dough for cookies and pies does best when it's cool.

silicone ball whisk

The Right Mix

The way you mix the ingredients for sweet treats has a noticeable impact. Over-mix your batter or dough, and it changes the entire recipe. It creates issues with consistency, texture, and even taste. Instead of relying solely on electric beaters or stand-mixers, outfit your cooking arsenal with kitchen mixing tools that liven up the decor and improve the way you bake. Update your collection of measuring cups, spatulas, and whisks. Funnels and measuring spoons are vital for baking, as well.

Ice, Ice, Baby

pastry decorator pen

You won't regret having a stock of cake and cookie decorating tools at the ready. Pastry bags and assorted tips are necessary for a variety of pastries and sweets, including all types of cookies, cupcakes, and stuffed pastries. In some instances, you may want to use fondant as well as frosting. It's like edible modeling clay. For that, you'll need a cutting board, a small rolling pin or fondant roller, and small sculpting tools.

These tools also help with flooding, a trick used to decorate sugar cookies, shortbread, and other thick, moist treats. It's necessary for an all-over frosting job. You can also use a flood of stiff royal icing as a base canvas for an array of pretty designs.


metal heart cookie cutters

Cookie and pastry cutters, molds, and tins are all essential baking tools. You can't even imagine the confections you can create with whimsical shapes. From traditional cutters and molds to hearts, stars, and flowers, you can bake up a smorgasbord of treats that say “I love you.”

What treats will you make for your sweet? Tongs n' Things has a can't-miss collection of essential baking tools to help you get it right!

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