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Re-Use and Re-Grow Green Onions!

Re-Use and Re-Grow Green Onions!
There are many creative ways to reduce food waste and even save a little money when cooking. Green onions are fun to cook with and they add great flavor to your cooking. They are also very easy to grow, you don’t even need seeds!
                  When you’re chopping green onions for dinner or a salad, save the bulb and roots. The cutting should be at least ½ - 1 ½ inch long. Chop up the rest of the green onion and use in your recipe. If you have any leftover scallions, it’s good to compost or you can freeze and save the trimmings for when you make chicken or vegetable stock.
There are two ways to regrow your green onion from your cuttings.
One: You can submerge the cuttings in a small glass or vase of water. They should start showing green shoots in the next day or two. Depending on how many cuttings you used and put into water, you could have a green bunch of scallions in a week or two!
Two: You can plant it directly in soil or a pot. That was how I planted my cuttings. I didn’t have any pots laying around, so I re-purposed an old Pyrex measuring cup (the markings had faded into illegibility) instead of throwing it out. I put some rocks on the bottom for drainage, added some soil and planted the cuttings. I didn’t bury them very deep, just so they were barely covered. I had green shoots popping up by the next day.
The two bright green shoots in the middle are the cuttings I planted. They started growing the next day. The two on either side are older and from a different planting. I can’t wait until I get to grow even more green onions!
If you grow the cuttings in water, change the water every few days to prevent buildup. You should be able to keep growing green onions from the cuttings, saving you money at the grocery store! This trick isn’t exclusive to green onions. Leeks, basil stems and leaves and red onion root scraps can be regrown as well. It will take longer than green onions to grow to full size, but it’s fun to watch your cuttings grow and fresh ingredients taste better!

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