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Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen
Kids and cooking can seem like a messy disaster, but preparation and kid-friendly tools make the introduction to the kitchen, food preparation and cooking an easier and more rewarding process.
If your kids have an interest in helping in the kitchen, kids as young as three can get started.
Since toddlers are still developing their motor skills, they need close adult supervision, a lot of space and tools sized for their hands.
The mini piggy spatula is perfect for little hands and is a great tool for mixing. Have fun teaching your kid how to mix together batters, fruit or vegetable mixes that you’ve put together!
The Joie mini piggy whisk is a fun tool that your little one can use to learn how to make scrambled eggs or the base to French toast. They can even use the whisk to mix a vinaigrette or dressing. Eating salads gets more fun when they’ve had a hand in making it!
As kids get older, their dexterity and motor skills improve, which means they can handle a larger variety of tasks. They can use this fun Talisman Cookie Scoop and Spatula to make stir cookie dough or muffin and cupcake batter.
Decorating and icing cookies, cupcakes and cakes with a piping bag and icing tips is something they might have a lot of fun doing and you’ll have a blast watching their creativity soar and teaching them decorating basics. Icing and sprinkles can be pretty messy, so adult supervision is recommended for this particular task.
Older kids can use the space rocket masher to make mashed potatoes. Kids can make out of this world mashed potatoes with the cleverly designed masher and clean up is easy for whomever gets stuck with dishwashing duty.
Make them feel special by having them serve up pasta or spaghetti with the Papa Nessie Pasta Fork. Even adults will love dishing up pasta with this ingenious serving tool.
It may be tough to get kids to eat salads, but who can resist a bowl of salad when it’s been served up by Big Foot or a Yeti? The oversized tongs are fun and easy to use, perfect for kids and adults.
Check out the kid’s cooking bundle for a fun assortment of tools that your child will love to start using in the kitchen.
This is a great time to introduce kids to the kitchen. Teaching them how to safely use cooking tools, how to prepare food and what ingredients to use sets them up for learning how to feed themselves in the future. Plus, what kid or adult doesn’t want to use all these adorable cooking tools?

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