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Ideas for Creating Warm Comfort Food This Winter

Ideas for Creating Warm Comfort Food This Winter

On the coldest days of the season, winter comfort food gets you through the chill. Wintertime demands meals that stick to your ribs and cool kitchen gadgets you’ll love spending hours cooking with. It's natural to crave foods and beverages that warm you up from the inside out, protecting you from the freezing temperatures outside. With the help of a few tasty recipes and some unique kitchen gadgets, you can eat warmly—and well—all winter long.

Gravy-Rich Stews

rich chunky stew

Winter comfort food warms you up, fills you up, and lifts you up, too. A variety of stews can provide that, not to mention the fact that, with the right food storage, you can usually enjoy leftovers for several days afterward. Stew recipes abound online, focusing on every protein and vegetable you can imagine. There are delicious vegetarian and vegan options, along with recipes that feature beef, chicken, fish, lamb, seafood, and pork. For the best stews, you’ll likely need a peeler for those hearty potatoes and a tough, easy-to-clean mixing and serving spoon that can handle the heat.

Chili for the Chill

beef tip chili

Chili is a spicy comfort food that won't let you get cold. It also lends itself well to leftovers, and most recipes are endlessly adaptable. You may prefer a fiery five-alarm chili with beef, beans, and tomatoes, or maybe you'd like to experiment. How about pork and cauliflower? Think about a white bean chili with chicken, topped off with a dollop of sour cream and salsa verde. Shop for unique kitchen gadgets to help you perfect your chili recipe. You could snag a new ladle, get a garlic press for easy mincing, or grab a grater so that you can sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top of your chili.

Next-Level Lasagna

meat lasagna

Lasagna is a surprising winter comfort food, but it's impossible to deny the appeal. Layer after layer of pasta, hearty sauce, and ricotta cheese make up the traditional recipe, but you can go down different avenues with lasagna. From full vegetarian options to experimental dishes that combine tacos and lasagna, you can effortlessly please everyone in the household while protecting everyone from the winter weather. Just make sure you have a casserole dish big enough to make enough for the whole family! Those made from tempered glass are easy to clean and will last years.

Make It Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese in a clear bowl

There's nothing more comforting or delicious than macaroni and cheese. Gooey cheese makes everything better, even subzero temperatures. Get creative and turn your mac into a full-fledged meal. Toss in some bacon or chicken. Try it with broccoli or Brussels sprouts. Play around with an assortment of cheeses or even get fun pasta tools and create your own, homemade noodles. Shop for unique kitchen gadgets to assist you, such as a handy scoop colander with a handle.

Tell us about your go-to winter comfort food. What warms you up when it's cold outside? You can find a variety of helpful kitchen gadgets at Tongs n’ Things, along with fun cooking ideas and recipe inspiration. Shop with us today, get free shipping on your order, and start making those comfort foods everyone is craving.

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