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Household Gifts Newlyweds Love

Household Gifts Newlyweds Love

Fun Kitchen Gifts They’ll Love

Every just-married couple is in need of exciting cookware and bakeware, whether they're just moving in together or if they've lived together for years. The kitchen is often the heart of the home, after all, and the best arsenal of tools contains items that show off the lovebirds' personality while still performing practical functions. A little levity goes a long way toward ensuring that the room is full of laughter, warmth, and inside jokes for years to come. Instead of fretting over what to get a newlywed couple, keep an eye out for cute, quirky kitchen gifts that serve a purpose!

The Cutest Colander

monster kitchen colander

Who doesn't need a colander to strain pasta, vegetables, and other foods? There's no lack of options available but forget about the traditional. The OTOTO brand has an adorable Spaghetti Monster Colander that turns dinner into a comedic sci-fi adventure. The little guy could be a Pixar character. He'll spend the entire meal staring at the young marrieds with his big, charming peepers.

Practically speaking, the plastic colander can hold a box of spaghetti, so it's plenty big. It has three little legs on which to stand, which eases the job of straining considerably—no one wants to hold onto the colander while trying to pour a pot of pasta over it, nor do you want it sitting directly on the counter or sink. The plastic is dishwasher safe, but BPA free, and boiling water doesn't affect it.

A Loch Ness Ladle

Loch Ness kitchen ladle

Ladles are essential, but it's easy to forget about them until you need them. See why it's best to browse for fun kitchen gifts that are also functional? The OTOTO Nessie Ladle is more than that—it's revolutionary. Its appeal lies not just in its adorable styling, which causes Nessie herself to peek from pots of sauce and stew, but in its design: three legs allow the spoon to stand when it's not in use. Let the newlyweds know they can pop it straight in the dishwasher, and inform them that it's made of nylon rather than plastic.

An Easy Emulsifier

salad dressing emulsifier

As you search for what to get the newlywed couple, you might be wary of kitchen items that are too quirky. In that case, a handy emulsifier is an excellent idea. If you know the couple loves to take the DIY approach to their food and make everything from scratch, the Chef'n Salad Dressing Emulsifier will delight them. They can create salad dressings, tasty vinaigrettes, and various other dipping oils with the pull of a trigger.

Measuring Spoons Meant for Lovers

heart-shaped measuring spoons

No kitchen is complete without measuring spoons, but avoid the same old designs. For newlyweds, a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons from RSVP Endurance is perfect. Crafted from stainless steel to resemble little arrows with heart-shaped bowls, these spoons are practical but so pretty that the recipients will probably want to display them. At the very least, they'll be reminded of their love for each other every time they need a teaspoon of sugar.

Bowls Outside the Box

red silicone measuring bowls

What goes with measuring spoons? A set of fun mixing bowls, of course. Norpro has a three-piece set of red silicone bowls that no one can resist. What makes them so fun? The silicone. Not only is it easy to pour out all of the batter into the narrowest of containers, they are easy to clean. Additionally, they feel neat in the hands, you can empty them by squeezing the size, and they're bright and cheery.

Avocado Accessories

avocado knife

Lots of the couples getting married today are millennials or members of Gen Z. You know what they say about those crazy kids and their love of avocados, right? Well, in the spirit of self-deprecation, go ahead and find fun kitchen gifts that tease the stereotype. The Tovolo Comfort Grip Avocado Knife takes away all the hassle of getting into that flavorful, fatty fruit, and pitting it is a breeze.

Emoji for Breakfast

emoji face pancake pan

Give the lovebirds a way to communicate over breakfast with the Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan. On one skillet, there are seven faces from which to choose. Most of them are happy and smiling, which will undoubtedly boost everyone's mood in the morning. For those occasions when the relationship gets a little scratchy, a puzzled emoji should do the trick.

A Set of Helping Hands

wood salad and pasta servers

Le Souk has a wealth of quirky kitchen gifts that put the “fun” in “functional.” The brand's Olivique Olive Wood Salad and Pasta Hands are just that. These tools resemble hands, although they only have four fingers. They're perfect for tossing and serving both salad and pasta. You get more control than you do with tongs, plus the hosts can dish up heaping helpings to themselves or their guests. The olive wood is eye-catching, too. People who pass through the couples' kitchen will no doubt stop to admire their pasta hands, especially in they hang them near the stove!

Ice on Hand

fun skull ice molds

Need to know what to get a newlywed couple who loves to entertain? Snag something to do with entertaining, naturally. Tovolo's skull ice molds are quirky and kind of awesome. The skulls themselves are a combination of dapper and deadly. The molds are made of silicone, so the ice slips right out of them, keeping the skull shapes intact. The newlyweds can use them regularly or use them for their first Halloween bash.

The beauty of buying fun kitchen gifts for the newlyweds is that you can help them to start their lives together with a laugh. A meaningful, funny gift that speaks to the couples' personalities and their relationship will always win the day. That doesn't mean that you can't also get them a more traditional present, as well. Heck, you can even slip them some cash—most newly married couples are more than happy to receive that. Tongs 'n Things ought to be your first stop, though, where there's no shortage of quirky gift ideas.

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