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Hello, Fall: 8 Coffee & Tea Accessories to Warm You Up

Hello, Fall: 8 Coffee & Tea Accessories to Warm You Up

The best way to usher in the fall is to prepare yourself with all things cozy. It's the perfect time to stock up on coffee and tea accessories so that you can enjoy a warm cuppa during cool mornings or chilly evenings. Check out some new gadgets that will make this job easier while you're at it. Once the mercury drops in earnest, you'll be glad for the ability to make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate!

1. A Stirring Tea Infuser

loch ness monster tea infuser

Why not let the Loch Ness Monster infuse your cuppa with flavor? Tea infusers are handy for steeping loose leaf tea and tea bags. That you can also use the OTOTO Baby Nessie Tea Infuser to stir your beverage is just a bonus.

2. The Perfect Kettle

white tea kettle

A kettle is one of the most essential tea accessories you can have if you enjoy your daily dose. Add to your kitchen decor with Chantal's vintage tea kettle, featuring durable—and comely—enamel and steel.

3. Your Own French Press

white french press

Perhaps you need something a bit stronger to get going in the morning. In that case, start collecting coffee accessories to feed your vice. Make your next cup in a French press, and you'll never want coffee any other way.

4. Something for Your Honey

honeycomb-shaped honey container

No, you don't have to buy something for your love-bug—although you certainly can. However, flavoring your tea with honey is easy-peasy with a handy honey jar and dipper. No mess, no muss, no fuss!

5. Convenient Tea Filters

tea filters

Not everyone wants a tea infuser hanging out in their mug. No problem! Just snag a box of tea filters. Stuff a bag full of your favorite loose leaf tea, then let the bag dangle in your cup. Once you're done, just toss the whole thing.

6. A Scuba Pal

scuba guy tea infuser

Of course, some folks love nothing more than stuffing a proper infuser with their favorite leaves. Try a fun scuba guy, who comes with his own little raft. It's one of the cutest tea accessories you can own, and unlike Nessie, it merely sinks down to the bottom of the cup and steeps in peace.

7. A Milk Frother

hand milk frother

Forget about going to the coffee shop every morning. Invest in coffee accessories that allow you to make your favorite gourmet drinks at home. With a milk frother, you can enjoy the creamiest lattes without spending money every day.

8. A Single-Serve Coffee Maker

single-cup coffee maker

Why not invest in kitchen tools that make your life easier? You can use a single-cup machine to brew coffee or tea. There are no pods, which is better for the environment, and you won't waste a whole pot of coffee.

Tongs n' Things has all the tea accessories you need. How do you prepare your cuppa? Which gadgets are you eager to try?

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