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Doggy Watermelon Popsicles

Doggy Watermelon Popsicles



Popsicles are a welcome treat in the summer heat, but popsicles aren’t limited to humans. Dogs also love frozen treats in the summer! Dogs can’t have human popsicles, there are too many ingredients that can mess with their digestive system and they are usually loaded with sugar and additives. Luckily there’s a recipe for dogs that only uses two ingredients!


This recipe uses just watermelon and coconut milk! Watermelon is fan favorite with my dogs, they will literally sing for their piece of fruit, so this was a no brainer. Why coconut milk? Dogs are lactose intolerant and dairy often upsets their tummies. Coconut milk binds the popsicle together and isn’t harsh on your dog’s stomach like dairy milk. Coconut milk is generally safe for dogs to consume. Remember to use small quantities when adding new foods to your dog’s diet, as new foods can give them upset stomachs.

If you’re not sure about introducing your dog to coconut milk, feel free to skip that ingredient. I made two batches of popsicles. One with coconut milk and one without.

The batch with the coconut milk turned the watermelon orange and the popsicle held together like a traditional popsicle when I froze it. The batch with just the watermelon was slushier and started melting as soon as I popped it out of the mold. My dogs didn’t have a taste preference, they just wanted their popsicle!

The lighter, more orange-colored popsicles are the popsicles with the coconut milk and the dark red popsicles are pure watermelon.

Note: If your dogs have smaller jaws, cut the popsicles into smaller pieces so they don’t choke or try to swallow it whole. Check with your vet with any concerns you may have with allergies or ingredients.

We have some cool silicone molds that include traditional ice cube shapes, hearts, spoons, and chocolate box shapes. Which will your dog love?

Tools needed: Blender, silicone molds, watermelon cutter


Dog Popsicle Recipe:

1 small seedless watermelon

1 can coconut milk


I started using half of a mini watermelon. I cut it into pieces and filled the blender about halfway. I added maybe a quarter can of the coconut milk. I blended the two ingredients until they were smooth, and I poured them into my dog bone silicone mold. I repeated the process until my molds were full. It took about 2 hours for the popsicles to freeze.

My dog wants to know why I didn’t start making these yummy treats earlier! He also wants to taste test his popsicle.

Handy tip: If you have leftover coconut milk, you can save it by freezing it in an ice cube mold. Save the coconut milk ice cubes for the next recipe that uses coconut milk.

Disclaimer: Use the recipe at your own discretion, we are not liable for allergies, injuries, or death. Consult your vet if you are not sure about dog-safe ingredients. Happy cooking!


Recipe adapted from the grrfeisty blog.

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