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Baking for Your Four Legged Friend

Baking for Your Four Legged Friend

Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Warm Summer Months

Having fun in the kitchen isn’t just for humans. When the weather heats up, why not make a refreshing frozen treat for your fur babies? Since you’re already in the kitchen, you can make popsicles for yourself and frozen cubes for your dog using some seriously fun baking gadgets and this tasty recipe.

Ever wondered how to make dog treats that are healthy? It’s easy to make a delicious and health-conscious treat that your dogs will love! My dog absolutely loves peanut butter and bananas, so that’s the flavor combo I use when making treats for him. This is his face when he spies anyone eating a banana and patiently waits for his treat. Here is an easy-to-improvise recipe that uses up extra-ripe bananas and peanut butter.

Simple Steps

    1. I take 2-3 ripe bananas and mash them up with a fork. I add a quarter cup of peanut butter, it doesn’t matter if it is chunky or creamy I use what’s on hand. Mix it all together using a handy angled spatula so that it resembles a chunky goo.
    2. cool cooking gadgetsSpoon the banana mixture into cool kitchen gadgets, like a candy mold or reusable ice cube mold. I use a silicone one so the frozen treats pop right out. The goo looks pretty gross to humans, but my dog loves his frozen confection.
    3. Freeze the treats for about 2 hours, pop the treats out of the ice cube mold, and treat your patient pup to a delicious banana peanut butter dessert. Taste test approved!

dog-safe foodsDisclaimer: Bananas and peanut butter are dog-safe foods. If you want to make other flavored frozen treats, consult your vet to make sure they are dog-safe! Make sure none of your ingredients contain xylitol or chocolate!

If you have a small dog, make sure the treats are bite-sized so they don’t choke! Also, check out Tongs n’ Things for all the cool cooking gadgets you’ll need for this recipe.

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