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5 Great Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen

5 Great Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen

Cooking Made Simple with Helpful Kitchen Gadgets

Want to avoid slaving away the day in a hot kitchen? All you need are a few useful tools that cut down on prep time. Think about the foods you cook most often. What are your most time-consuming tasks? We guarantee that you'll find a ton of time-saving kitchen gadgets that will teach you how to save time in the kitchen, but here are five for starters!

Go-Go Garlic Chopper

colorful garlic chopper

Chef'n has a fantastic garlic chopper called the Garlic Zoom. It saves you from the hassle of peeling, chopping, and mincing cloves of garlic on your own—and yes, that's a time-saver. Even better, you don't run the risk of garlic fingers that smell for days. Use it once, and you'll never want to peel and crush your garlic any other way. Even better, they come in bright, fun colors that will fit right into your kitchen’s decor.

A Multitasking Mandolin

mandolin slicer

Mandolins are among the most helpful kitchen gadgets you can own. They turn slicing into an effortless, safe chore. The Progressive PL8 Professional Mandolin Slicer goes a step further. Not only can it slice your favorite vegetables to four different thicknesses, but it's also versatile in its approach. Want some waffle fries? It has you covered. Need thin rings of onion to make deep-fried onion straws? No problem. Looking to julienne some of your favorite vegetables? Yep, it can handle that, as well. Versatile tools like these are exactly what you need to make your time in kitchen go smoothly.

Seamless Egg Separation

unique egg separator

Sure, in the scheme of things, it doesn't take much time to separate eggs … unless you have a lot of them to separate. Perhaps you are making desserts or other treats for a family gathering, wedding reception, or some other large event. In those instances, you need some help. Egg separators are more than just time-saving kitchen gadgets; they save you from messes, as well. The Joie Eggy Egg Separator is an adorable but practical addition to any kitchen, and a must-have for any baker or health-conscious individual.

A Vegetable Peeler

veggie peeler

Figuring out how to save time in the kitchen doesn't always mean choosing the brightest, shiniest, most complicated time-saving kitchen tools. On the contrary, sometimes the simplest items save the most time. The Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel Y-Shaped Peeler is a beast. It's safer and faster than a paring knife, not to mention that it can handle tough, hairy yam skins as effortlessly as it peels an apple or a carrot. You'll have those potatoes peeled for supper in just a few minutes.

A Clever Converter

recipe measurement converter

Ever spend time Googling recipe conversions? You know you do. With the Taylor 752 Recipe Converter, you never have to pick up your phone again, nor do you have to memorize how many ounces go into a pound. The best part is that it instantly converts your measurements so that you can make more or less of a particular recipe. You don't have to do the calculations yourself, which means you also don't run the risk of messing up your recipe.

Check out Tongs n' Things for even more helpful kitchen gadgets!

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