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5 Fun Meal Prepping Tools That Make It Worth It

5 Fun Meal Prepping Tools That Make It Worth It

How many meal prepping tools do you have at your disposal? Maybe it's time to think about upgrading your arsenal of gadgets and appliances. Whether it’s because you want to eat healthier meals or because you live a busy life, everyone benefits from learning how to meal prep for the week. You don't have to worry about what to prepare or whether you even have the ingredients, nor do you have to stop by the store on your way home from work. Here are some of the gadgets you need in case you want to know how to make meal prep easy as pie.

An Effortless Egg Slicer

fun whale egg slicer

One of the most essential meal prepping tools you can have is an egg slicer. It's a must-have for anyone who enjoys prepping breakfasts, salads, and snacks. Eggs are full of protein, which makes them extraordinarily satiating. They'll fill up your tummy whether you eat them boiled for breakfast or add them to a colorful pre-made salad. Using a slicer instead of a knife is quick, safe, and it guarantees even slices. Even better, they can be fun shapes that will make your time in the kitchen that much more enjoyable.

A Great Garlic Press

Learning how to make meal prep easy involves doing everything you possibly can ahead of time. It's just as helpful to complete the small but tedious tasks, such as mincing garlic. As delicious as it is, chopping garlic by hand can be messy, and your hands end up smelling for hours. That’s why a garlic press that minces and slices can be one of the most useful meal prepping tools in your arsenal.

An Excellent Herb Stripper

kale and herb stripper

In fact, there's no need to spend all of your time with flavorings and spices. Help yourself to an herb stripper so that you can add your favorite fresh herbs to your prepped food without all that chopping. This kitchen tool can handle almost anything, and it saves more time than you might expect.

A Cool Cutting Board

Every cook needs a cutting board, so browse for one that is just the right size to chop up the meats and veggies you’ll include in your pre-made meals. And remember, always choose a cutting board that won't absorb organic matter and allow bacteria to grow. Non-porous boards, typically made of treated wood, metal, or stone, are the safest option.

A Set of Sturdy Bowls

Durable bowls with well-fitting lids are critical for storing your prepared meals. Not only can you use bowls to store leftovers healthily, but you can also use them to marinate meats and vegetables before you cook them. In fact, most glass bowls are microwavable, so you could create your own healthy microwave dinners and freeze them for the week!

What meal prepping tools do you rely on the most? Check out the array of gadgets at Tongs n' Things to add to your collection!

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