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Re-Use and Re-Grow Green Onions!

Re-Use and Re-Grow Green Onions! 0

There are many creative ways to reduce food waste and even save a little money when cooking. Green onions are fun to cook with and they add great flavor to your cooking. They are also very easy to grow, you don’t even need seeds!
                  When you’re chopping green onions for dinner or a salad, save the bulb and roots. The cutting should be at least ½ - 1 ½ inch long. Chop up the rest of the green onion and use in your recipe. If you have any leftover scallions, it’s good to compost or you can freeze and save the trimmings for when you make chicken or vegetable stock.
There are two ways to regrow your green onion from your cuttings.
One: You can submerge the cuttings in a small glass or vase of water. They should start showing green shoots in the next day or two. Depending on how many cuttings you used and put into water, you could have a green bunch of scallions in a week or two!
Two: You can plant it directly in soil or a pot. That was how I planted my cuttings. I didn’t have any pots laying around, so I re-purposed an old Pyrex measuring cup (the markings had faded into illegibility) instead of throwing it out. I put some rocks on the bottom for drainage, added some soil and planted the cuttings. I didn’t bury them very deep, just so they were barely covered. I had green shoots popping up by the next day.
The two bright green shoots in the middle are the cuttings I planted. They started growing the next day. The two on either side are older and from a different planting. I can’t wait until I get to grow even more green onions!
If you grow the cuttings in water, change the water every few days to prevent buildup. You should be able to keep growing green onions from the cuttings, saving you money at the grocery store! This trick isn’t exclusive to green onions. Leeks, basil stems and leaves and red onion root scraps can be regrown as well. It will take longer than green onions to grow to full size, but it’s fun to watch your cuttings grow and fresh ingredients taste better!
  • Jackie Miller
Doggy Watermelon Popsicles

Doggy Watermelon Popsicles 0



Popsicles are a welcome treat in the summer heat, but popsicles aren’t limited to humans. Dogs also love frozen treats in the summer! Dogs can’t have human popsicles, there are too many ingredients that can mess with their digestive system and they are usually loaded with sugar and additives. Luckily there’s a recipe for dogs that only uses two ingredients!


This recipe uses just watermelon and coconut milk! Watermelon is fan favorite with my dogs, they will literally sing for their piece of fruit, so this was a no brainer. Why coconut milk? Dogs are lactose intolerant and dairy often upsets their tummies. Coconut milk binds the popsicle together and isn’t harsh on your dog’s stomach like dairy milk. Coconut milk is generally safe for dogs to consume. Remember to use small quantities when adding new foods to your dog’s diet, as new foods can give them upset stomachs.

If you’re not sure about introducing your dog to coconut milk, feel free to skip that ingredient. I made two batches of popsicles. One with coconut milk and one without.

The batch with the coconut milk turned the watermelon orange and the popsicle held together like a traditional popsicle when I froze it. The batch with just the watermelon was slushier and started melting as soon as I popped it out of the mold. My dogs didn’t have a taste preference, they just wanted their popsicle!

The lighter, more orange-colored popsicles are the popsicles with the coconut milk and the dark red popsicles are pure watermelon.

Note: If your dogs have smaller jaws, cut the popsicles into smaller pieces so they don’t choke or try to swallow it whole. Check with your vet with any concerns you may have with allergies or ingredients.

We have some cool silicone molds that include traditional ice cube shapes, hearts, spoons, and chocolate box shapes. Which will your dog love?

Tools needed: Blender, silicone molds, watermelon cutter


Dog Popsicle Recipe:

1 small seedless watermelon

1 can coconut milk


I started using half of a mini watermelon. I cut it into pieces and filled the blender about halfway. I added maybe a quarter can of the coconut milk. I blended the two ingredients until they were smooth, and I poured them into my dog bone silicone mold. I repeated the process until my molds were full. It took about 2 hours for the popsicles to freeze.

My dog wants to know why I didn’t start making these yummy treats earlier! He also wants to taste test his popsicle.

Handy tip: If you have leftover coconut milk, you can save it by freezing it in an ice cube mold. Save the coconut milk ice cubes for the next recipe that uses coconut milk.

Disclaimer: Use the recipe at your own discretion, we are not liable for allergies, injuries, or death. Consult your vet if you are not sure about dog-safe ingredients. Happy cooking!


Recipe adapted from the grrfeisty blog.

  • Jackie Miller
Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for Graduates Leaving Home

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for Graduates Leaving Home 0

Fun College Kitchen Essentials

Every graduate heading off to university needs a selection of cool kitchen accessories and tools so that they can learn their way around a recipe and feed themselves while they hit the books. Whether you're in a dorm room or your first apartment, you have the opportunity to strike out on your own and assert your independence. Take a look at the must-have kitchen supplies for college students that every coed should have. Forget about relying on cafeteria meals or fast food!

1. A Hot Pot

Hot Pots are magical. Not only is the appliance one of the most significant college kitchen essentials, but it's also a necessity for adults of all ages because of everything it's capable of doing. While you're busy heading from class to class, taking notes on lectures, and sitting for exams, your Hot Pot will have dinner ready at the end of the day. You can opt for a Crock Pot, as well. The point is to have a safe and reliable tool that allows you to cook one-pot meals while you're earning your degree and living your best college life.

2. A Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter

Even when you make your own food, pizza is perennial college fare. Whether you have it delivered, help yourself to DiGiorno, or prepare your own from scratch, it helps to have a pizza cutter. Consider the Zyliss pizza wheel, which is compact but sturdy. It fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to slice up your pizza in a flash.

3. A Frying Pan

Out of all the kitchen supplies for college students to bring along when they move out on their own, a frying pan is one of the most versatile. For easy clean-up, choose a Teflon or T-fal pan. These non-stick pans have endless advantages. You can cook practically anything, but you don't have to deal with a lot of stuck-on grease and grime while you're supposed to be busy studying.

4. A Great Knife

red kitchen knife

Like clothing accessories, those for the kitchen can look neat while still fulfilling a necessary function. The Kuhn Rikon 5” Utility Knife from Tongs n' Things is one such tool. A sharp, versatile knife is a college kitchen essential because it eliminates the need for an entire block of knives. It doesn't hurt that the Kuhn model is eye-catching, either.

5. A Coffee Maker

coffee maker

College kids need more than a basic coffee maker. A one-cup machine should do the trick—there's no need to brew an entire pot for yourself. For the mental boost you need to tackle all those assignments, treat yourself to the Primula Stovetop 1-Cup Espresso Maker, which makes espresso that'll knock your socks off, right on your stove.

Discover all the college kitchen essentials you need at Tongs n' Things! How do you plan to stock your first kitchen?

  • Erica Kim
5 Great Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen

5 Great Ways To Save Time In The Kitchen 0

Cooking Made Simple with Helpful Kitchen Gadgets

Want to avoid slaving away the day in a hot kitchen? All you need are a few useful tools that cut down on prep time. Think about the foods you cook most often. What are your most time-consuming tasks? We guarantee that you'll find a ton of time-saving kitchen gadgets that will teach you how to save time in the kitchen, but here are five for starters!

Go-Go Garlic Chopper

colorful garlic chopper

Chef'n has a fantastic garlic chopper called the Garlic Zoom. It saves you from the hassle of peeling, chopping, and mincing cloves of garlic on your own—and yes, that's a time-saver. Even better, you don't run the risk of garlic fingers that smell for days. Use it once, and you'll never want to peel and crush your garlic any other way. Even better, they come in bright, fun colors that will fit right into your kitchen’s decor.

A Multitasking Mandolin

mandolin slicer

Mandolins are among the most helpful kitchen gadgets you can own. They turn slicing into an effortless, safe chore. The Progressive PL8 Professional Mandolin Slicer goes a step further. Not only can it slice your favorite vegetables to four different thicknesses, but it's also versatile in its approach. Want some waffle fries? It has you covered. Need thin rings of onion to make deep-fried onion straws? No problem. Looking to julienne some of your favorite vegetables? Yep, it can handle that, as well. Versatile tools like these are exactly what you need to make your time in kitchen go smoothly.

Seamless Egg Separation

unique egg separator

Sure, in the scheme of things, it doesn't take much time to separate eggs … unless you have a lot of them to separate. Perhaps you are making desserts or other treats for a family gathering, wedding reception, or some other large event. In those instances, you need some help. Egg separators are more than just time-saving kitchen gadgets; they save you from messes, as well. The Joie Eggy Egg Separator is an adorable but practical addition to any kitchen, and a must-have for any baker or health-conscious individual.

A Vegetable Peeler

veggie peeler

Figuring out how to save time in the kitchen doesn't always mean choosing the brightest, shiniest, most complicated time-saving kitchen tools. On the contrary, sometimes the simplest items save the most time. The Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel Y-Shaped Peeler is a beast. It's safer and faster than a paring knife, not to mention that it can handle tough, hairy yam skins as effortlessly as it peels an apple or a carrot. You'll have those potatoes peeled for supper in just a few minutes.

A Clever Converter

recipe measurement converter

Ever spend time Googling recipe conversions? You know you do. With the Taylor 752 Recipe Converter, you never have to pick up your phone again, nor do you have to memorize how many ounces go into a pound. The best part is that it instantly converts your measurements so that you can make more or less of a particular recipe. You don't have to do the calculations yourself, which means you also don't run the risk of messing up your recipe.

Check out Tongs n' Things for even more helpful kitchen gadgets!

  • Erica Kim
Tools You Definitely Need for Grilling This Summer

Tools You Definitely Need for Grilling This Summer 0

Grilling Gadgets In Time For Summer

Your backyard BBQ oasis isn't complete without helpful gadgets that allow you to cook like an outdoor culinary master. What do you need to grill like the pros? Not that much, to be honest. You can always update your arsenal of unique grilling tools as you go, but, to begin with, the basics will see you through. As you build up your BBQ toolbox, start with the following items. As long as you have them, you can grill anything, from steak and chicken to fish and vegetables.

The Best Possible Grilling Glove

cutting glove for the kitchen

Grilling deserves more than an oven mitt. You need to wear something that protects your hands and wrists from burns, of course. However, as you prepare food to throw on the grill, you spend time chopping, cutting, and slicing, right? The best glove is resistant to knives, as well. Opt for the Cuisipro Cut Resistant Glove, which is much more form-fitting than a traditional oven glove. Switch out and slip your hand into this bad boy while displaying your fancy knife work. Your fingers will thank you.

The Perfect Oven Mitt

lobster claw oven mitt

Now, you do need an oven mitt, as well, so it's best to have one that you reserve only for the grill. That way, you aren't continually carrying it between the BBQ and the kitchen. Boston Warehouse, a brand renowned for novelty barbecue tools and accessories that still fulfill their function, has a hilarious lobster claw oven mitt that brightens up any outdoor space. Given that oven mitts are among the most essential grilling gadgets, you might as well have fun with yours.

Something to Build a Better Burger

burger stuffer

What do you need to grill burgers that are out of this world? You need the Norpro Stuffed Burger Maker. With this easy-to-use gadget, you can stuff your hamburgers with a variety of delicious accouterments, such as your favorite cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and plenty more. Not only that, but your gourmet burgers will have a picture-perfect shape every time.

A Next-Level Fork

grilling fork with a light

You can't grill without a meat fork. Go one step further and splurge on the Maverick Instant-Read BBQ Fork with Light. In addition to effortlessly piercing and turning your meat with the sharp tines of the fork, you can get an immediate temperature readout. Don't you love unique grilling tools that can multitask?

Brighter Accessories

grillight tongs and spatula

Grillight offers a two-piece grilling set that contains a spatula and tongs. Those are items that pitmasters require, no doubt. These tools light up, though. Now, you can grill in the dark and illuminate your meat. Who doesn't want a grilling tool that can do double-duty as a flashlight?

Explore Tongs n' Things for all the grilling gadgets you need. What tools make you a better BBQ guru?

  • Alan Olmstead
Household Gifts Newlyweds Love

Household Gifts Newlyweds Love 0

Fun Kitchen Gifts They’ll Love

Every just-married couple is in need of exciting cookware and bakeware, whether they're just moving in together or if they've lived together for years. The kitchen is often the heart of the home, after all, and the best arsenal of tools contains items that show off the lovebirds' personality while still performing practical functions. A little levity goes a long way toward ensuring that the room is full of laughter, warmth, and inside jokes for years to come. Instead of fretting over what to get a newlywed couple, keep an eye out for cute, quirky kitchen gifts that serve a purpose!

The Cutest Colander

monster kitchen colander

Who doesn't need a colander to strain pasta, vegetables, and other foods? There's no lack of options available but forget about the traditional. The OTOTO brand has an adorable Spaghetti Monster Colander that turns dinner into a comedic sci-fi adventure. The little guy could be a Pixar character. He'll spend the entire meal staring at the young marrieds with his big, charming peepers.

Practically speaking, the plastic colander can hold a box of spaghetti, so it's plenty big. It has three little legs on which to stand, which eases the job of straining considerably—no one wants to hold onto the colander while trying to pour a pot of pasta over it, nor do you want it sitting directly on the counter or sink. The plastic is dishwasher safe, but BPA free, and boiling water doesn't affect it.

A Loch Ness Ladle

Loch Ness kitchen ladle

Ladles are essential, but it's easy to forget about them until you need them. See why it's best to browse for fun kitchen gifts that are also functional? The OTOTO Nessie Ladle is more than that—it's revolutionary. Its appeal lies not just in its adorable styling, which causes Nessie herself to peek from pots of sauce and stew, but in its design: three legs allow the spoon to stand when it's not in use. Let the newlyweds know they can pop it straight in the dishwasher, and inform them that it's made of nylon rather than plastic.

An Easy Emulsifier

salad dressing emulsifier

As you search for what to get the newlywed couple, you might be wary of kitchen items that are too quirky. In that case, a handy emulsifier is an excellent idea. If you know the couple loves to take the DIY approach to their food and make everything from scratch, the Chef'n Salad Dressing Emulsifier will delight them. They can create salad dressings, tasty vinaigrettes, and various other dipping oils with the pull of a trigger.

Measuring Spoons Meant for Lovers

heart-shaped measuring spoons

No kitchen is complete without measuring spoons, but avoid the same old designs. For newlyweds, a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons from RSVP Endurance is perfect. Crafted from stainless steel to resemble little arrows with heart-shaped bowls, these spoons are practical but so pretty that the recipients will probably want to display them. At the very least, they'll be reminded of their love for each other every time they need a teaspoon of sugar.

Bowls Outside the Box

red silicone measuring bowls

What goes with measuring spoons? A set of fun mixing bowls, of course. Norpro has a three-piece set of red silicone bowls that no one can resist. What makes them so fun? The silicone. Not only is it easy to pour out all of the batter into the narrowest of containers, they are easy to clean. Additionally, they feel neat in the hands, you can empty them by squeezing the size, and they're bright and cheery.

Avocado Accessories

avocado knife

Lots of the couples getting married today are millennials or members of Gen Z. You know what they say about those crazy kids and their love of avocados, right? Well, in the spirit of self-deprecation, go ahead and find fun kitchen gifts that tease the stereotype. The Tovolo Comfort Grip Avocado Knife takes away all the hassle of getting into that flavorful, fatty fruit, and pitting it is a breeze.

Emoji for Breakfast

emoji face pancake pan

Give the lovebirds a way to communicate over breakfast with the Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan. On one skillet, there are seven faces from which to choose. Most of them are happy and smiling, which will undoubtedly boost everyone's mood in the morning. For those occasions when the relationship gets a little scratchy, a puzzled emoji should do the trick.

A Set of Helping Hands

wood salad and pasta servers

Le Souk has a wealth of quirky kitchen gifts that put the “fun” in “functional.” The brand's Olivique Olive Wood Salad and Pasta Hands are just that. These tools resemble hands, although they only have four fingers. They're perfect for tossing and serving both salad and pasta. You get more control than you do with tongs, plus the hosts can dish up heaping helpings to themselves or their guests. The olive wood is eye-catching, too. People who pass through the couples' kitchen will no doubt stop to admire their pasta hands, especially in they hang them near the stove!

Ice on Hand

fun skull ice molds

Need to know what to get a newlywed couple who loves to entertain? Snag something to do with entertaining, naturally. Tovolo's skull ice molds are quirky and kind of awesome. The skulls themselves are a combination of dapper and deadly. The molds are made of silicone, so the ice slips right out of them, keeping the skull shapes intact. The newlyweds can use them regularly or use them for their first Halloween bash.

The beauty of buying fun kitchen gifts for the newlyweds is that you can help them to start their lives together with a laugh. A meaningful, funny gift that speaks to the couples' personalities and their relationship will always win the day. That doesn't mean that you can't also get them a more traditional present, as well. Heck, you can even slip them some cash—most newly married couples are more than happy to receive that. Tongs 'n Things ought to be your first stop, though, where there's no shortage of quirky gift ideas.

  • Alan Olmstead